Dubai has established itself as a world leader in cryptocurrencies, ranking second internationally and first in the Middle East.

This cements Dubai’s position as a key centre and preferred location for important fintech businesses throughout the globe.

According to Adrian Martinez, Executive Marketing Director at Pocket Gamers, Dubai is the region’s most crypto-ready city, behind just London on a worldwide scale for 2023.

The emirate now boasts over 772 cryptocurrency-based businesses that provide excellent work possibilities. Its favourable business climate continues to draw in international investment.

Martinez went on to say that Dubai has effectively positioned itself as a major financial technology centre, drawing famous and specialised firms.

In 2022, the UAE ranked third internationally as the most appealing market for blockchain technology businesses, with roughly 120 startups in this industry.

Dubai’s current Web3 economy is laying the path for ground-breaking Web3 innovation. The city is building one of the world’s biggest and most lively technological centres, driving developments in this field.

Dubai is the first and only city in the world to have legislation governing virtual assets. This protects investors, improves economic security, and increases market transparency.

Dubai’s leadership in Web3 technology was recognised by the Economist in 2022, and it is likely to increase further in the future years.

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