Twitter is apparently testing a new feature that would allow two users to co-author a single tweet.
TechCrunch noted that the ‘Collaborations’ function has yet to be made public. The functionality is only available if one user accepts a request to cooperate with another. It will also function as a platform for creators to collaborate with corporations on brand advertisement partnerships.

Back in December 2021, app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi was the first to discover the functionality in the app’s code. Paluzzi also discovered a cooperation button added to the tweet composer box.

Paluzzi points out that only public accounts that follow a user can co-author a tweet. Once a joint tweet is published, it is shared with followers from both accounts, with both accounts’ avatars shown in the top-left corner of the Tweet.

Twitter will also have to implement procedures to prevent users from abusing the tool.

The platform has yet to disclose when it would make co-authored tweets available to the general public.

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