Twitter introduced a new upgrade to its DM search tool on Wednesday. Users will be able to search for individual chats that contain a term they are looking for with the new version. Previously, users could only use the platform’s DM search function to look up people’s names or the names of group conversations. But today, if you want to look for a chat you had with a buddy that included a certain term, all you have to do is put it into the search box, and presto! That’s where you’ll find it.

Of course, you can still search for individuals or conversations by name, and you can choose whether to display results for people, groups, or messages. If the term you’re looking for happens to be someone’s name, the new update is much more handy.

Since the platform released the DM search tool to Android in May 2021, this adjustment has been long overdue. Although the business appears to have missed the deadline by a hair, the new tool is available on all platforms, unlike the original search, which was only available on iOS for nearly two years until Twitter introduced it to Android.

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