TOWN OF GEORGE : StarFive Technology, a Chinese pioneer in RISC-V technology and ecosystem development, will invest RM250 million over the next five years to establish its first Southeast Asian design centre at GBS@Mayang in Penang.

Ong Chin Hu, vice-president and general manager of StarFive Technology Malaysia, stated that Penang was picked as StarFive’s growth destination owing to the availability of talent and the state’s status as Asia’s “Silicon Valley” with the most concentrated integrated circuit design in Asia.

He stated that StarFive Technology was founded in Penang in May of last year, and that the company plans to grow its design centre as a world-class innovation hub over the next five years.

“StarFive Technology will spend an extra RM250 million in growth over the next five years to generate countless high-value and high-income jobs and strive to be a world-class innovation centre,” he told reporters here on Saturday (Feb 19).

StarFive Technology, according to Ong, has a complete and silicon-proven portfolio of the RISC-V CPU IP series as well as platform-based software and hardware full-stack system-on-chip solutions.

He stated that StarFive Technology is dedicated to promoting the RISC-V open-source instruction set architecture in collaboration with government organisations and local colleges.

“More and more world-leading semiconductor companies are joining the RISC-V community,” he said, adding that “StarFive Technology’s long-term vision is to promote and deliver a new level of open, extensible software and hardware platform on computing architecture for enabling green computing, green energy, and smart cities.”

He also stated that StarFive Technology intends to grow its business in this region in the future.

Chow Kon Yeow, the Chief Minister of Penang, and Lu Shiwei, the Consul-General of China in Penang, both attended the investment announcement ceremony.

Chow stated that Penang, as one of the most vibrant states in Malaysia, is known as the talent magnet in the northern region because the state has a pool of talent that has expanded beyond mere processsing to include research, design, and development, which is supported by cumulative intelligence and specialised skills.

“We will continue to lead the creation of a sustainable environment, as evidenced by our decades of industrial excellence and quality workforce,” he added, “in order to attract more high-quality investors and achieve higher heights in the future.”

StarFive Technology, based in Shanghai and launched in 2018, provides products and solutions utilised in smart home appliances, smart monitoring, industrial robotics, traffic management, intelligent logistics, wearable devices, solid-state storage, network communications, and edge computing.

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