During Thursday evening’s regular Board meeting, trustees of the Toronto District School Board accepted a resolution to acquire Level 3 medical grade masks for TDSB students.

While students may continue to use their own masks in accordance with the TDSB’s COVID-19 Mask Procedure, one medical mask per day will be made available to all students until the conclusion of the school year if they so want.

The overall expected cost of providing this additional layer of protection through the conclusion of the school year ranges from around $444,000 to $2 million, depending on the number of masks ordered and worn by children. Because the Ministry of Education will not subsidise the purchase of medical masks for students, this expense will have to be covered by the TDSB’s reserve money.

TDSB staff will immediately order the masks as a result of this evening’s agreed resolution, and will offer further information to students and families once a definitive date of delivery is determined.

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