SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – On Wednesday, Twitter suspended a bot account for leaking the answer to the next day’s Wordle, the enormously popular internet word puzzle.

Since its launch last year, the game, which only provides one puzzle every day, has racked up millions of users.

However, the Twitter account @wordlinator seems hell-bent on ruining the enjoyment for anyone who shared their results on the social media platform.

“The account in question was suspended for sending unsolicited @mentions in violation of the Twitter Rules and Automation Rules,” a Twitter spokeswoman told AFP.

When users posted their Wordle scores, the bot account automatically reacted with messages like ” “What is it? People aren’t interested in your clumsy linguistic antics. Tomorrow’s word will teach you a lesson “— then the correct answer for the following day.

Twitter stated that harassing other users is not tolerated on its platform.

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