Walkie Talkie allows Microsoft Teams users to convert their smartphones or tablets into a walkie-talkie that can communicate through cellular data or Wi-Fi. It was first revealed two years ago and has been primarily in preview since then. The capability was first accessible on Android in September 2020, but Microsoft now claims it is also available on Zebra mobile devices, as well as iPhones and iPads.

Microsoft has largely targeted this at frontline workers, or staff that interact with customers and manage day-to-day operations within businesses. The cooperation between the software manufacturer and Zebra Technologies allows it to function with a dedicated push-to-talk button for rapid and secure connections.

These gadgets are commonly utilised by frontline workers, the people who have helped guide the globe through the current pandemic.

Walkie-talkie functionality is relatively uncommon in messaging applications. WhatsApp allows you to record audio clips that can be transmitted and received, while Slack released its Discord-like Huddles tool last year to allow participants to effortlessly drop in and out of calls. Apple did offer its own walkie-talkie capability on the Apple Watch in 2018, utilising push-to-talk over a FaceTime Audio conversation.

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