OnwardMobility, the Texas-based company that took over the hardware licence for BlackBerry devices after former licensee TCL opted to create its own phone designs instead, has now broken its almost year-long silence to confirm its survival.

“We are not dead, contrary to common assumption,” the corporation declared in a blog post on its website. It also apologised for its lack of communication and the delay in releasing the phone, which it had stated would be available by mid-2021.

“2021 was definitely a tough year to launch a new phone, let alone one with the high expectations we set and the fact that we want to do it right!” the company stated. “While numerous delays prevented us from launching in 2021, we will begin providing more frequent updates this month that will explain and address many of your questions regarding the ultra-secure 5G corporate smartphone (still with a keyboard!) we’re bringing to market.”

“All of us at OnwardMobility are tremendously appreciative to our devoted user community for this chance,” the message added. “We sincerely apologise for our silence and thank you for your understanding.” Meanwhile, we wish everyone a happy and healthy start to the New Year!”

No shipment date was given, but it appears that there is still hope for a new BlackBerry with a physical keyboard in our future.

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