TPG Telecom-owned iiNet has blamed excessive temperatures in Perth for a data centre outage that has rendered its email and web servers inoperable since mid-morning Christmas Day.

It took the corporation more than a day to openly recognise the difficulties, with a social media message posted shortly after 3pm AEDST on Sunday.

“Some iiNet client operations are temporarily interrupted as a result of a data centre issue triggered by yesterday’s significant weather event in Western Australia,” the internet service provider stated.

“Internet and mobile services are still available and unaffected for iiNet subscribers.”

“Among the impacted services are the iiNet website and iiNet domain email services.” At this moment, the iiNet customer service centre is only accessible for basic troubleshooting.

“We apologise for any difficulty caused to consumers.” Our IT team is working hard to get operations back up and running as quickly as possible.”

At the time of publication, iTnews was looking for further information on the underlying cause of the data centre failure.

According to press sources, Western Australia saw its warmest Christmas Day on record.

The company’s website displayed placeholder text stating that it was “temporarily unavailable” and encouraging visitors to “check again later.”

Businesses whose websites are housed on iiNet infrastructure have also reported that their sites are unresponsive.

iiNet had experienced problems with its Perth data centre in 2015 owing to heatwave conditions, and again in 2018 due to site power outage.

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