Malaysia has placed further COVID-19 restrictions in light of the new Omicron model. The country has chosen to prohibit big gatherings while simultaneously demanding booster doses for at-risk people. Malaysia’s Health Minister Janaluddin said in a statement that officials are also looking to confirm 18 additional suspected cases of the variant.

The first case of the new virus in the country was discovered earlier this month, when a tourist from South Africa arrived. Malaysia has finally decided to ban large-scale New Year’s Eve celebrations. Those attending private New Year’s and Christmas festivities, on the other hand, should undergo COVID-19 self-tests.

Furthermore, everyone over the age of 60 and those who have already had the Sinovac COVID-19 immunisation must have a booster dose by the end of February. This will ensure that their immunisation status remains at 100%. Singapore has likewise decided to carry out a similar initiative. Furthermore, specialists have advised people to have a third dose of the vaccine since testing reveal that antibodies created by Sinovac and BioNTech can defend against the new strain of Omicron.

Foreign travellers from eight Southern African countries are now restricted from entering the country on a temporary basis. Furthermore, nine countries have been categorised as high-risk, including India, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. Arrivals from these nations are subject to mandatory quarantine and must be outfitted with digital monitoring equipment. (original Article published in Times of India)

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